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60 years ago the company was founded in Ensheim in the Saarland region by Hermann Hager and Dr. Oswald Hager together with their father Peter. Four years later, this three-person start-up established another major site in Obernai in Alsace.

In other words, Hager has been multinational from the start. We’ve learned to serve and understand customers from a wide variety of markets, according to their own individual needs.
Today we have 23 production sites around the globe. Customers in over 95 countries worldwide trust in our solutions. And our customer base grows every day.

One major success factor for us is our long-standing close relationship with installers of the trade sector. We develop our solutions together with customers like you, we grow together and we celebrate our success together.

We endeavour to respond to you and your requirements with constantly enhanced solutions. Instead of providing just products, we develop increasingly comprehensive services and solutions.

It is thanks to customers like you that we have become the market leader we are today. And that’s why, this year especially, we’d like to say thank you for your confidence in us!

As a family business we are committed to long-term success, not short-term profits.
Our values are crucial in this regard. We act in a partnership-based and reliable manner (integrity). We are true to our convictions and values (authenticity). And we have the courage to pursue unconventional approaches and solutions, which is vital for genuine innovation.

Sustainability is in our nature. We preserve resources, take our social responsibility seriously, and manage our business in line with ethical principles. These three aspects are at the heart of our sustainability initiative E3.

In this way, we want to consistently improve on how we serve those to whom we owe everything: customers like you.

Bilde av Jordfeilaut 2p 2m 16A C 30mA A 10kA
Bilde av AUTOMATSIKR. 2x16A C-KAR 10kA
Bilde av POP-UP stikkontakt, 3x230V Hager
Bilde av Faseskinne kdn380a 3p 12m
Bilde av Faseskinne 2pol 16mod 80A
Bilde av AUTOMATSIKR. 3x32A B-KAR 10kA
Bilde av AUTOMATSIKR. 3x40A B-KAR 10kA
Bilde av Automatsikring  3x32A C-kar 10kA
Bilde av  AUTOMATSIKR. 2x20A C-KAR 10kA
Bilde av Faseskinne kdn380b 3p 57m
Bilde av Adm482c jordfeilautomat 3+n 32a c 30ma
Bilde av Faseskinne L1-N, L2-N, L3-N 57 mod 16mm2 80A
Bilde av FASESKINNE 3 POL+N 12 MOD. 80A
Bilde av Fotocelle med seperat veggføler
Bilde av Samleskinne, cu, uN, 20x10x500mm
Bilde av Jordfeilblokk 3p 30ma 63a a
Bilde av Jordfeilaut 2p 2m 15A B 30mA A 10kA
Bilde av Faseskinne 2p 80a 56 mod
Bilde av AUTOMATSIKR. 3x63A B-KAR 10kA
Bilde av  AUTOMATSIKR. 2x10A C-KAR 10kA
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Bilde av Overspenningsvern-patron typ2 uc 275v
Bilde av Adm420c jordfeilautomat 3+n 20a b 30ma
Bilde av Automatsikring  4x63A C-kar 10kA
Bilde av POP-UP stikkontakt, 3x230V, 2xRJ45
Bilde av Faseskinne 1p 80a 57 mod
Bilde av AUTOMATSIKR. 3x50A B-KAR 10kA
Bilde av  AUTOMATSIKR. 4x10A B-KAR 10kA
Bilde av Overspenningsvern typ2 sign 1p Uc440V 40kA IT
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